To end the suffering of animals in medical and scientific research by increasing awareness and promoting alternative research and educational programs based on ethical and scientific theory.

It is estimated that hundreds of millions of animals are used in research on an annual basis. Every minute, approximately 200 animals are used in painful and inadequate laboratory research.

We extend our ethical concerns beyond humankind and believe that experimenting on animals is an unethical practice that exploits one species for the supposed benefit of another. All animals, not just humans, should be able to live under the conditions suited to their nature and biological needs, free from acts of cruelty and exploitation.

Animal experimentation is also a scientifically invalid practice because data from animal studies cannot adequately predict or duplicate human disease. Because animals are different from humans - anatomically, physiologically and metabolically - they make inaccurate models for studying human disease, thereby sidetracking medical progress and wasting time, talent and resources. Simply put, animal-based science is bad science that hurts people as much as it hurts animals.

JOIN OUR CAUSE and help us educate the public about the cruelty and waste of animal experimentation. BE A VOICE for the many animals suffering needlessly in research laboratories. TAKE ACTION and create positive change for animals everywhere.

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The thoughts and opinions expressed by users of the End Animal Experimentation Causes page are not necessarily those of the National Anti-Vivisection Society.

1. Positive change for animals used in research begins with public awareness.

2. Animal research does not adequately predict or duplicate human disease.

3. The use of animals in research should and can be replaced with technology and innovative alternatives.

4. Every individual can effect a change, no matter how large or small the contribution.