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Help the HPA win $1000 today!

The HPA has entered a contest that lasts 24 hours. Can you help us win?

America's Giving Challenge gives $1000 to the organization that can get the most amount of people to give in a single day. The minimum donation is 10 dollars and it has to be given through this Facebook cause:

Plus, if you donate today, by helping this Dumbledore's Army for the real world, we'll send you a certificate designed by Frak of Pottercast putting you in the HPA's Order of Merlin, First Class!

We have 24 hours (3pm EST Wed to 3pm EST Thursday) to get appoximately 400 people to give ten dollars (or more) through this Facebook Cause! Imagine if you helped us do it. Can you?

There are thousands of us who believe in the HPA's work for marriage equality, Magical Acts of Kindness, working for human rights, raising over 14,000 books, and more! Become one of the 400 we need in one day!

If you believe in what we are doing, and believe that blending the arts, literature, pop culture, and social change is something this world needs, while making the magic of Harry Potter real for so many of us - then please join us in this special 24 hours through making a ten dollar donation to show your love and support of the HPA.

Thank you so much and we hope you can join us on at 8:30 pm EST tonight as well!

The Weapon We Have Is Love!,

Andrew Slack

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