To Help Raise Funds to Replace Naomi's stolen Bike

For those of you who don't already know...
Naomi was visiting her roommate who was house sitting in Downtown Portland. The had a great time catching up and falling a sleep during the worst movie ever made. In the morning they woke up and prepared for their busy days over a scrumptious breakfast. They then took the elevator downstairs ready to part ways only to discover that Naomi's bike had been stolen.

The lock had been cut and was ling limp next to the rack.

You all know how hard this lady is busting her ass with work and school. And most of you know how freaking far we live from downtown. Bussing it takes for ever and eats in to the little rest and relaxation time that she gets to steal for herself.

Right now is a really bad time for her to lose her bike. with School it has been hard for her to work extra hours let alone find the cash to pay for a new bike.

A group of us decided to start a cause in her name.

Please join the cause and consider showing her your support by passing the virtual hat. If you can donate $5 $10 what ever you can to the Naomi's stolen Bike Fund.

You can do this by dropping your donation by the house or emailing one of the ladies at the sassy shack for our address.

Thanks for your support!

1. Support our beloved Riccobono

2. Show Naomi We Care

3. Raise Money for a New Bike