News 12 Series- "Newark Outgunned" will profile KO's murder tonight at 8!

Hello everyone... The News 12 series "Newark Outgunned" will profile KO's murder tonight at 8 p.m. Please watch and tell anyone else you think may be interested. Hopefully, it will lead to information KO's murderer Again, the show airs at 8 pm tonight. It…Read More

In honor of KO on his birthday...

Hello fellow KO Fund members... Today is Khary's birthday and if he had lived to see this day he would have been 31 years old. Today, in honor of Khary, I'm reaching out to the now more than 110 members of the KO Fund for three reasons: FIRST... to thank…Read More

Thank you!

Many thanks to all of you who were able to make it to the Reward Fundraising Reception last night. Also, many many thanks to those of you who have made a contrbution to the KO Fund. In addition to playing a part in the effort to locate the persons(s)…Read More

The KO Fund-- Reward Fundraising Reception

Hello everyone, Many thanks again for joining the KO Fund... For those of you who have made donations your generosity is greatly appreciated. If you intend to attend the Reward Fundraising Reception on Wednsday, May 13th PLEASE RSVP NO LATER THAN TOMORROW…Read More
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