Join the fight to get Neslrle to offer fair trade coffee and chocolate

Hi, To those of you who supported the campaign to get Cadbury to offer fair trade chocolate in Australia, well done. It's on the shelves now. But how about Nestle? There is a new cause calling on Nestle to offer fairtrade chocolate and coffee. This is…Read More

Great news - Cadbuty will offer fairtrade chocolate next year!

Hi, Somewhere along the line you joined the Facebook cause "People who want Cadbury Australia to offer Fairtrade chocolate". The great news is that Cadbury will make Dairy Milk Fairtrade from next year. You can read all about at this…Read More

Fair trade chocolate

Hi, You're receiving the email because you signed up for the cause "People who want Cadbury Australia to offer fair trade chocolate". Now you can make an even bigger difference by simply clicking on the link below and adding your name and email address to…Read More
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