Bike Safety Bill? There is still time.

I am attending the National Bike Summit this week. One of the presenters from the Federal Highway Administration said we have 5 or 6 states who lead traffic safety and 44 or 45 states who do not. Iowa has not shown leadership in traffic safety legislation,…Read More

ACTION NEEDED: Email for debate of Bike Safety Bill

The Bike Safety Bill is being held up by two legislators: 1. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy ([email protected]) 2. Your Representative. ( PLEASE SEND TWO SEPARATE EMAILS IN SUPPORT OF THE BIKE…Read More

Bike Safety Bill Shows Life In Iowa House

The Bike Safety & Responsibility Bill Shows Life In House Submitted by iowabicycle on Sun, 01/24/2010 - 23:17 Senate File 117 remains alive after passing one chamber of the Iowa Legislature. The bill is currently in the Human Resources Committee. View…Read More

Hit and Run Near Whittier Iowa

Authorities are looking for the driver of a pickup that struck a bicyclist near Whittier and left the scene on Thursday night. Emergency responders found Joseph Richey, 27, of Marion, laying in a ditch along County Home Road on the east edge of the town when…Read More

Driver Charged in Mark Grgurich Fatality

Paul McKinley has been charged as the driver in the hit and run death of Mark Grgurich on August 30. An initial appearance was made. KCCI showed the appearance at McKinley was charged with leaving the scene of a fatality,…Read More


The members, staff, and board of the Iowa Bicycle Coalition are saddened by the death of Mark Grgurich, 54, of Des Moines who was killed while riding his bicycle on G14 in Warren County on Sunday. The motorist who struck Grgurich left the scene and did not…Read More

Sign the Petition to Oppose Bike Bans

A petition has been introduced to ban bicycles from farm to market roadways in Iowa. The Iowa Bicycle Coalition echoes the need for greater safety, but bike bans are not the answer. Please sign our petition to oppose bike bans at…Read More
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