Important Announcement To All Members

As the creator of this cause, “Remember Tori – Bring The Children Home” in support of “Missing Children Society of Canada”, it is with great honour that I announce to all Members that my company, (Approved Fundraising Partner for…Read More

Cause Name Change and Updates

The cause name has been changed from "Missing Children Society of Canada - Don't Stop Searching" to "Remember Tori - Bring The Children Home". We are still supporting the charitable organization "Missing Children Society of Canada". If possible please make a…Read More

Time To Make A Difference

There are many unanswered questions. Some that may never be answered. It is not time for us, out of grief, to try to lay blame or to point fingers at those that worked so hard to help find Tori and to bring her home safe; but a time to console, a time to…Read More

A Pledge Is A Goal

When we make a pledge it is a goal that we have set for ourselves and are willing to let everyone tell the world...we are ready to step up and make a difference for a cause we stand for...that we believe in the cause... that we are ready to commit…Read More
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