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Important Announcement To All Members

As the creator of this cause, “Remember Tori – Bring The Children Home” in support of “Missing Children Society of Canada”, it is with great honour that I announce to all Members that my company, (Approved Fundraising Partner for “Missing Children Society of Canada”) has formed a strategic business alliance with Ultimate Fundraising Inc. located in Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada.

As a “Regional Fundraising Specialist” (Canada and USA) for Ultimate Fundraising Inc., we are now able to provide fundraising products to any and all groups or organizations across North America seeking to do fundraising for their own needs. A donation of 100% of the profits from the purchase of fundraising products through my company is then made directly to the charitable organization “Missing Children Society of Canada”. made this strategic business alliance decision to allow more direct support to the charitable organization “Missing Children Society of Canada”. Ultimate Fundraising Inc., a Canadian based company, has long been known for excellent service, attention to detail and a “Whatever It Takes” commitment to their fundraising customers and through this alliance, is better positioned to provide a win-win situation in helping “Missing Children Society of Canada” meet their goals and mission.

To ensure that their fundraising customer needs are being met, Fundraising Specialists from Ultimate Fundraising Inc., offer a “one-stop-shop” line of over 30 different fundraising products that help fundraisers easily plan, coordinate and implement their fundraising campaigns.

They are truly committed to giving the kind of service fundraisers need and expect as can be attested by Ultimate Fundraising Inc being; “Official Licensed Fundraising Provider for Rotary International and Lions Clubs International”.

Ultimate Fundraising Inc always listen to what fundraisers have to say and are continually working to add new products that fundraisers have been asking for and seeking.

What does this mean for our Cause and the ongoing support of “Missing Children Society of Canada”?

Through the purchase of fundraising products directly through, fundraisers that are working to reach their own fundraising goals will also be indirectly helping to raise funds for “Missing Children Society of Canada” and helping them fulfill their mission: “To reunite missing children with their searching families by facilitating the active and ongoing search for abducted and runaway children nationally and internationally through professional investigations, public awareness and family support programs.”, as an “Approved Fundraising Partner” for “Missing Children Society of Canada” will donate 100% of the profits earned through the purchase of fundraising products directly through us, by fundraisers, perhaps fundraisers just like yours, to “Missing Children Society of Canada” in the ongoing support of the fulfillment of their mission.

If you reside within Canada or the USA, and are involved with or are aware of a Rotary Club, Lions Club, a school, a group, a team or an association that does fundraising, then please take a few minutes to email me at [email protected] and request a complete list of the products that are available to meet all their fundraising product needs.

By making the fundraisers in your area aware of our ability to supply a one-stop-shop for all their fundraising product needs and then the fundraisers purchasing the fundraising products they want through us, we donate 100% of the profits from theses purchases of fundraising products directly to “Missing Children Society of Canada”.

Be proud and be the first in your area to take a simple little step to make such a big difference in the lives of so many children and families.

Email me today at [email protected] ,...

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