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A Pledge Is A Goal

When we make a pledge it is a goal that we have set for ourselves and are willing to let everyone tell the world...we are ready to step up and make a difference for a cause we stand for...that we believe in the cause... that we are ready to commit our time and resources to a cause in order to make a difference in someone else's life...that we want to make a difference in the world.
Perhaps I'm naive...perhaps it's because I'm a newbie here on Facebook...but so far I've had the opportunity to hook up with some old friends from my younger wilder days...I've had the opportunity to hook up with some friends from my recent past, and I've had the opportunity to make a lot of new friends.
My Great Niece has been abducted. She was abducted on April 08th after she left school in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada.
This is something that happens to some other family...some other family that I don't know...some other family that I've just read about in a newspaper...some other family that I've heard about in the news. This is something that happens to someone else...right...tell me it only happens to someone else?????
Tori has changed my life.
In the past I swore I would never ever go on Facebook. Facebook was something that was a waste of time, Facebook was something that could not do good...Facebook was.....I was naive...
Torie has changed my life.
Every day I pray for her safe return....every day I think about other families that are going through the same agony...every day I think...What Can I Do???
Torie has changed my life.
There is nowhere else..or technology anywhere else..that allows all of us to connect with so many other like minded people..allows all of us an opportunity to do something good in this world... something we can easily use everyday... something that has allowed me to create this cause and something that allows all of us to join together in a cause we believe is just and right and worth our commitment.
Tori Has Changed Our lives.
For all of us here, that have joined this cause, we need to commit to a pledge. We need to commit to do something that will make a difference in someone else's life.
Our pledge is our commitment to the cause and could be as simple as a few hours doing a garage sale and donating the proceeds, cashing in some empties after enjoying and entertaining family and friends over the weekend or brown bagging it for a week and donating the difference to the cause.
All I ask...make a to reach your pledge goal..and donate whatever you can to the cause.
Through all of us..
Tori Has Changed Our Lives.....

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