Support Of “Missing Children Society of Canada” helps to reunite missing children with their searching families by facilitating the active and ongoing search for abducted and runaway children.

When a child first goes missing, the police, the media and the community all rally together to help the terrified and grieving family search for their child, but as time goes by, that involvement gradually decreases, leaving the family to continue the search…alone.

It is for these families that "Missing Children Society of Canada" has created a unique and comprehensive search program called Project: Reunite to assist police and searching families in the active and ongoing search for missing children.

We need to remember Victoria "Tori" Stafford and do all we can to help support the "Missing Children Society Of Canada" in their efforts to bring children home.

1. The first Canadian statistics on missing children were released in 1987. There were 57,233 children reported missing that year.

2. In 2007, there were 60,582 children reported missing in Canada.

3. Visit the Missing Children Society Of Canada Website: www.mcsc.ca