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This is BIG and we've only got 24 hours

Hey Everyone!

Happy Holidays!

Wherever you are in the world ~ we need YOU! Children of Uganda has the opportunity to be awarded $25,000 if we are one of the 100 organizations who have the most votes in the Chase Giving challenge.

TOMORROW December 11th is the last day you can vote.

Voting is fast, free and easy! The rewards for our children could be priceless.

The children we serve are currently on their holiday break and will return for the beginning of their new school year in January. We send the most money of each year in January for their school fees, clothing, food and housing.

$25,000 will provide ALL the necessities of life for over 50 children for an entire year.

Here is the link to vote:

Thank you for your kind support.

Warmest regards,
Pamela Brannon
Executive Director

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