Building awareness, understanding, and changing lives through compassionate innovation, and community participation.

Compassion – I live every minute of my life with a constant reminder of a bad choice. Thru this choice I now present myself to the world as a spectacle. My choice now is how to define spectacle. I want to choose and help others choose life over death. By sitting in my own pain, I can help others sit in their pain by requesting permission to be with them when most do not or will not.

Innovation – My mind is in real time developing solutions to enrich my life. I work 24 hours a day making quadriplegia less painful in my daily routine. The solutions I / we develop should be shared with the world. My position is unique when compared to my peers. Use this leverage to teach leaders, teachers, and therapists better ways to provide solutions.

Empowerment – Using my story to share love and life will find other stories of the like. When we share we learn, and we learn we become empowered to make better choices. Choices start with self and with the right tools the choice then becomes sustainable. The power to choose is what we all want.

1. Visit www.TheTSF.org - Pending 501c3 status

2. C1-C4 quadriplegia is a 2.5 billiion dollar loss to our economy

3. I have a story to share and I want to find more stories

4. Quality in technology gives quality in life