JUSTICE for Doris! (Re-print of a post from April, 2009)

Posted by Gwen Martin Morris on September 3 2011 If you can provide information to law enforcement agencies about this case, please call GBI (912) 389-4103 Cause Page on Facebook http://apps.facebook.com/causes/272605/ Friends of Doris…Read More

Justice for Doris S. Worrell and all of her family in 2011!

The Cause "Find Doris' Killer" is asking for a prayer chain to start all around Facebook for Justice in this case. She died at the hands of a cold blooded murderer over four years ago, leaving three beautiful young children behind. Let's pray for arrests in…Read More

Commemorating the 4th anniversary of the Doris Spillers Worrell Homicide

Calling on everyone who reads this to light and candle for 'JUSTICE FOR DORIS'. She was murder 4 years ago today at the Family business and the murder has not been resolved. Please light a candle to honor her and her family today and pray for…Read More

Sept 20 ~ the fourth anniversary of Doris Spillers Worrell murder!

Today marks the fourth anniversary of Doris Spillers Worrell's murder inside the family's business in Douglas GA. There has never been an arrest made for her murder. There are a large number of people who cared about Doris and want her murder solved. She…Read More

The community of Douglas, Coffee County and surrounding areas take on burden

The community has taken on the burden of demanding JUSTICE for the THIRTY TWO VICTIMS of murder, whose cases are still unsolved. The community has decided "We're tired of the killings and we won't take it anymore!" Spokesperson Ginger Paulk is leading the…Read More


Let's not forget to light a candle every day in memory of Doris, especially at this time of year, when grief is so hard to bear for the family and her dear friends. Seeing the candles burning for Doris means so much to them. We have to continue to show our…Read More

Holiday Season Approaching

Holidays, birthdays, family celebrations of any kind are always a sad time for those family members who have lost a loved one. Friends and family of Doris S. Worrell: As we approach another holiday season, please post a memory of Doris on this page to honor…Read More
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