Tune in tonight at 8 eastern standard time to hear Kim speak on The Schiffer Report. you can listen on streaming audio on the website. Kim's video is posted on the front page of the site; scroll down to see it.

Clemency Results for SFC Mayo

Ladies and Gentlemen, I just spoke with Mrs. Mayo. Clemency results for: SFC Joseph P. Mayo Brigadier General Hogg has changed his "35 years in prison to "20 years" with the "possibility of parole in 6 years". The General also changed his "dishonorable…Read More

Media Update from Mrs. John Hatley

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have received confirmation that I am indeed slotted for 1 hour on "The Schiffer Report" radio program on Monday, June 15th from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. (For me in Germany, that means 02:00 a.m. to 03:00…Read More

SGT Leahy's Clemency result

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have already notified SGT Michael Leahy's wife. Here is the result of his Clemency: General Hogg reduced his "life sentence" to "20 years", which means he would be up for parole in 6 years. The General also changed his…Read More

John's address

Ladies and Gentlemen, Here is John's address at the Leavenworth Prison. *Please be mindful of what you write, since the guards read their mail. *Please do not send any packages. Just send letters or cards for now, until further notice. *You do NOT have to…Read More

Situation Summary / Baghdad, Iraq OIF 06-08

Ladies and Gentlemen, This is the same list or summary, that has already been shared with various media. It is appropriate to share this summary with you. Please feel free to add this to your outgoing emails in reference to clemency for "all 3" of our…Read More

Media Coerage Update

Ladies and Gentlemen, 1. Stars and Stripes Newspaper carried a 3 page story on May 12,, 2009, beginning on the front cover. 2. "The Schiffer Report" radio program. I have been given 1 - hour of air time with Mr. Paul Schiffer. Paul hosts…Read More
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