six years!

Today our cause reaches 6 years... and we're getting closer and closer to celebrating Jesus resurrection as one church. don't forget to invite your friends so we can really move into one unified date of Christian Easter,


today we celebrate five years of our cause...the only cause born in a Holy message and with a divine message. today the resurrection light will shine from the tomb of Jesus...and nothing can stop it. use this moment to promote your cause and invite your…Read More

it's this week again...

from 18 Jan to 25 Jan, the world prays for Christian Unity... and our cause is in the heart of the event. I urge each and every supporter to post the link to our cause, as we have less than 120 days to create a global movement in the region, and benefit from…Read More

to keep Jesus in the heart of Christmas

dear friends it would be great that you visit this cyber exhibition, post your nativity sets and encourage your friends. we need every effort to keep Jesus in the heart of Christmas
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