Now i'm a little bit distressed by my complete and utter failure to raise even ONE measly pound for Dad's trek along the Alpine Haute Route - did i mention the words painful gruelling exhausting and dangerous? - in aid of Caudwell Chilldren. Come on boys and…Read More

Johnny Boy Treks for Charity

Do have a look back at the Support Caudwell Children page. Dad is trekking a dangerous and donwright exhausting alpine trail at the moment to raise money for Caudwell Children. Please take 4 minutes - it's all it takes! - to donate. Anything would be really…Read More

Haute Route Trek

Hi guys, Please support my father on his latest madcap venture in the name of charity. He and a merry band of men will be trekking the Haute Route in the Alps, launching themselves along knife-edge cliffs amongst collapsing glaciers, in a cross-country…Read More
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