Drone Operators Don't Deserve Medals Higher than the Purple Heart

Direct combat medals, like the Purple Heart, deserve to be a higher honor than non-combat medals. Brave men and women risk their lives in battlefield combat every day to protect our country. Medals for these troops shouldn't be ranked lower than a medal for…Read More

What is your favorite musical tribute to the military?

Hello Friends, I saw this poll which asks for the best song that represents our military heroes and wanted to share it with you. What do you think is the best song? http://www.causes.com/actions/1727010-what-is-your-favorite-musical-tribute-to-the-military

Support Care and Medical Treatment for the Children of Vietnam Veterans

Hello all, Please support this petition to treat the health problems of Vietnam veterans' children! These veterans have already given so much to this country. It's only fair that we provide for their families in…Read More

Honor the Victims of Sandy Hook: From Moment of Silence to Moment of Action

Hi everyone. We need to come together around the community in Sandy Hook after last week's tragic shooting. Please take action with me and join in a moment of silence with this community on Friday. Now is the time to put aside our differences and show our…Read More

Media Items

I just had time to go through and approve all of the pictures and videos that people have been trying to post to the group for a while. Sorry it took so long. I am currently deployed so if you try and post an item please give me some time to get it approved…Read More


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