only 3 votes short in New Jersey

Dear SAMB members, The fight for equality is getting hot here in Jersey and I would like to ask a couple of large favors of all of you who reside in New Jersey. First, please call as soon as possible the following state senators: Senate President Dick Codey…Read More

NOM steps up its attacks

Yesterday the National Organization for Marriage sent an email to its members asking them to call their representatives to oppose Gay marriage. So, today Garden State Equality is asking New Jersey residents to call three legislators today. They are all…Read More

action center

Hello members, Again, thank you all for joining! Besides joining, for those who live in other states you can help the cause by joining the Human Rights Campaign at or Lambda Legal at These are…Read More

Please consider donations

Hello everyone, and thank you for joining my cause! As you probably know, there are now 4 states with same-sex marriage. New Jersey has civil unions, but it isn't working. There is still widespread discrimination. Governor Corzine has promised to sign a bill…Read More
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