Support peace in Montgomery County!

Why should you invite your friends? Because we could all use a little piece of peace in our lives. ;) Spread the peace.

Raise money by just Voting!

Hello Conflict Resolvers, Times are tough, so instead of giving money today why not help us raise money by just clicking?! Your vote, once daily, on can help us win $50,000 to prevent youth violence and promote youth…Read More

Peer Mediation 'Train the Trainer' Conference

CRCMC is hosting a "Peer Mediation 'Train the Trainer' Conference" in June! Registration Form: Contact Pete at [email protected] for more information. Where: Mark Twain School in Rockville When: June 22 and 23 Times: 9am- 3pm

Thanks and NAFCM

Thank you for your support of community mediation! It's no gamble supporting community mediation, it's a sure bet! (I tried to avoid a Vegas related joke, but couldn't help myself... sorry folks. It will all make sense if you keep reading.) CRCMC attended…Read More
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