40 days of demonstrating here in DC

Good Morning All- We are off for our first full day of demonstrating at Trump's hotel here in DC (The first of abour 40 between now and the inauguration). We had to spend about $300 yesterday on signs, flyers, etc, and will likely need to spend another…Read More

Sunday Morning from Alan at Student Loan Justice

Good Sunday Morning Everyone- We are en route back to DC, to arrive later today. Things will be hopping for us when we get there. We're publishing another article in the next couple of days, will be putting in A LOT of hours with our sign at locations…Read More

Good Friday Morning from Alan at Student Loan Justice

Good Friday Morning Everyone- We still need to raise approximately $3,500 for our lodging in DC through the inauguration and into springtime. I hope that some of you will step up on this. The sooner we can knock this out, the sooner we can focus on the…Read More

Sunday Evening...

Happy Sunday All, Hope everyone is having a great weekend. We now know who Donald Trump's Secretary of Education will be: Betsy DeVos, billionaire wife of Amway President Doug DeVos. Mrs. DeVos's signature issue is charter schools. She has said…Read More

Saturday Morning from Student Loan Justice....

Happy Saturday Everyone, We are looking forward to a full week next week. It will include standing in front of the Trump Hotel in Washington DC for many hours with our sign and brochures, hopefully doing the same thing in front of the Republican National…Read More

From Alan at Student Loan Justice...PLEASE HELP!!!

Good Morning Everyone! We REALLY need to shore up both our lodging fund, and our operating fund, folks. We spent down to nearly nothing during our travels to the conventions and all the debates this summer and fall, and are now needing to raise some $4000…Read More

We need you to share this article for student loan justice!!!!!!!

http://thehill.com/blogs/pundits-blog/education/306992-president-elect-trump-please-drain-the-student-loan-swamp Please share this article folks. We published it yesterday and it needs to get as much support as you can give it! Please share it, comment…Read More
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