Important: HR. 2366

Folks: We are in discussion with a democratic senator who is willing to do a companion bill for HR. 2366. They would actually like to introduce it with a republican. This absolutely stunningly good news. But WE have to do EVERYTHING WE CAN to get a…Read More

Video from The Today Show, Student Loan Justice!

Hey Folks! Things are going great here in Manhattan Just did a follow up interview with CNBC, got some great placements again at the Today Show. Have been hitting Congress hard as well. RIGHT NOW, it is URGENT that you do SOMETHING to get a republican…Read More

Demonstrations in One Week!

Good Morning! We are now one week away from the demonstrations. Getting excited about how everything is coming together! We need EVERYONE to do two things right now: 1. Make a Donation! We still have over $1000 to raise. This is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL AT…Read More

Student Loan Justice. Watch This!

Demonstrations!! Good Morning All! Getting really stoked for these demonstrations. See the Video above. We'll be at Trump Tower on Monday, The White House on Tuesday, we'll have great media there, and I'm thinking a few more people than expected. It won't…Read More

Live Stream, Demonstrations

Good Morning, We did a live stream last night that gives a good snapshot of the current "state of things" on the student loan issue. This will help you understand where we are at, and why what we are doing right now is so important! The demonstrations are…Read More

Media Request, Student Loan Justice

Media Request Folks: We have ten days before the demonstrations in New York and Washington. We STILL have to raise $1000 for a giant, student loan "ball and chain" to be erected on the North Lawn of the White House! This is WELL WORTH IT, I hope you…Read More

Debt Ball, Lodging for the Demonstration

Folks! We are going to have a giant "debt ball and chain" at the White House for our demonstration on April 17th. We already have given the green light to the Backbone campaign (who we have worked with before), who are flying it from the Northwest to…Read More
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