Good Morning All- We are headed to Syracuse today to work on SLEXIT, and participate in an education protest later this afternoon. Right now, I REALLY HOPE that a few of you will help to kick off our Spring-to-Fall fundraising drive. This will keep us…Read More

In Manhattan tomorrow

Hey Everyone, We will be in Manhattan tomorrow- We are needing to raise $150-$200 for signage, and possibly a banner. If you can help, please do! THANK YOU! -Alan

New York

Hey Everyone- Thanks to donations from Paul, Ned, Jerome, Jeannie, Elizabeth, Brenda, Aressa, Elliot, and everyone else who chipped in this week, it looks like we are a GO for New York! We may have to do some crunch fundraising while there to pay for…Read More

SCORE ONE FOR THE GOOD GUYS!!!!! SCORE ONE FOR THE GOOD GUYS! Please comment on this piece, and share it widely. Paste a link to it all over the internet, wherever you think it will…Read More

Trump's speech last night...

Hey Everyone, First, PLEASE DONATE SOMETHING TO GET US TO NEW YORK!!! We now have $720 left to raise for this. Please help on this so that we can hit the road and shut up about it!! About last…Read More

From Alan

Good Morning All- There is a lot going on. Chief among them right now is getting together our trip to New York. We still need to raise about $775 to make this happen. PLEASE HELP WITH THIS!!!: This is…Read More


Happy Monday Everyone! GOOD NEWS! First: we now know that a bill that will return full bankruptcy protections to student loans is in the works, and will be coming out quite soon (i.e. April). This gives us a little over a month to get ourselves ready to…Read More
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