Hang Together, or Hang Separately

Hi Folks, The weather is turning pretty quickly here in DC. Where we had 80 degree weather last week, today it is more like 55, and dropping. Currently, we're needing to winterize (ie jacket, pants, stuff like that). This isn't a huge expense, but it…Read More

Before you start your weekend...

Hey Folks, Fall is quickly descending on Washington D.C. As you know we are wholly and entirely dependent upon you to keep us here, fighting this fight. That is the way it must be. As such, and in view of the fact that we really need a warm winter jacket…Read More

As we plunge ahead

As we plunge ahead into the Fall, I hope that those of you who have already donated will consider re-upping with a donation to keep us here through to the primaries in February. Things are happening for us here in DC., folks. We've been featured, front…Read More

Trump Tomorrow

Hey Folks, We are continuing the Trump thing through the end of tomorrow. PLEASE USE THIS GRAPHIC!! The last one had a bad email address in it!! The next blitz I am thinking of is Kevin McCarthy, a House republican who is likely to be the next Speaker…Read More

Trump Thump

The Trump Blitz continues today folks. Please make the call, send the email, and tell the Donald to fight to return standard bankruptcy protections to all student loans. He, more than all other candidates, should be able to appreciate the importance of…Read More

Trump. Trump, Trump, Trump

Hey Folks, I know we got off to a bit of a late start on the Trump thing today, but don't despair, the blitz will last through (and include) Friday. There is still time for you to hit them once, twice, and send the sign around to EVERYONE YOU KNOW with…Read More

Spread this graphic like the wind, folks. Send the email, make the call!!!

Spread this graphic like the wind, folks. Send the email, make the call!!!
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