Office Hours Today, 4pm Eastern Time

Happy Sunday All- We are doing a live, interactive "Office Hours" today on Facebook at 4pm Eastern Time. I'll be giving a brief overview of the current state of student loan justice, but will devote most of the time to taking your questions AND comments! …Read More

Congressional Blitz. Student Loan Justice

Congressional Blitz, Fundraising Hey You All, First, I need to implore you all to please make a donation to keep us here in DC. It is urgent at this time. We simply cannot fight this fight with your support. We are hoping to raise $4,300 to keep us…Read More

Protest in DC, NYC...Student Loan Justice!

Protest in DC and NY, April 16th Hey- We are pulling the trigger on a two-city (perhaps more) protest on Monday, April 16th of next year. It will be fun. We have barely enough people to go forward with it, and expect it will grow. We are still in the…Read More

Another article in Rolling Stone for us, Donations needed...

Another article in Rolling Stone for us, Donations needed... Hello All, I'm very glad to report a second good article out by Matt Taibbi at Rolling Stone in which we are interviewed. This is the second piece in the past few weeks. So...we're on a Roll…Read More

Our Trip to New York. Student Loan Justice

Good Morning Folks, Glad to report we are back in Washington after an important week in New York. We worked on the film, and ended the trip with a super strong interview with Matt at Rolling Stone. We are picking up cosponsors at an accelerated rate right…Read More

Rolling Stone. Feature Story. Student Loan Justice!! Hey All- VERY GLAD to report that we are interviewed today in a feature story by Matt Taibbi at Rolling Stone Magazine. I am just reading it now, but great thanks…Read More

Student Loan Justice!

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