Happy Fourth Folks: Please don't forget to throw a couple of duckets in our bucket to keep us here in DC...FIGHTING FOR YOU! Every little bit helps, folks. Seriously.…Read More

Big week ahead...

Hi Folks, Before you start your Independence Day Weekend, please consider helping us with our Housing Fund here in Washington: We are still about $1700 away from what we need to be here through the end of August, and ONLY…Read More

Lockdown in the Capitol

Huge Thanks go out to Eliot, Martha, Tony, Peter, and Gail for their recent donations. Also, we have a $100 challenge from Derek for our housing fund: http:/ There is a two week timeframe on this challenge. I know it is a lot of…Read More

Increasing Membership

Folks, we have about 35,000 people in this group, and our Facebook Cause. However, there are something like 20 Million people in severe financial distress on account of their student loans, and at least another 20 million people who are under great financial…Read More

We're all we got, but we're all we need.

We put a late night call for donations out two nights ago, and I want to thank Marcia, Douglas, Rhonda, Anthony, Michelle, Jerome, Lawrence, Kelly, Donald, David, Susan, Candace, Stuart, Deborah, Alexia, Robin, David, and Jack for responding. This helps out…Read More

C'mon, People Now!!

This is a late-night call for donations, folks. C'mon. We need you. Let's roll, People!!! Alan Collinge​

More political space

Hey Folks, I am compiling the contact information for the higher education staffers for EVERY member of Congress. This is going to take something like a week to get done (535 phone conversations take a LONG time!), so I hope sincerely that you all will USE…Read More
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