Big Week for Student Loan Justice!

This promises to be a big week for us. We have a news station in Atlanta airing a strong piece tonight. We also have an article publishing tonight at 8pm eastern time at an influential blog that usually spawns republications at other places, so we're…Read More

Getting stuff done for Student Loan Justice...

Hi Everyone! I hope everyone is having a great weekend!  We started a petition for HR 2366 a week or so ago.  We are getting close to 1000 signatures, but we really need your help to get it going.  Would you mind signing and more importantly, SHARING this…Read More

From Alan at Student Loan Justice

Good Morning Everyone! I'm glad to report that we now need only 78 people to donate $20 to knock out our fund raising drive, which will keep us fighting here in DC through the end of the year! Please be one of the people to step up and make this happen. …Read More

Big Challenge for Student Loan Justice. Please Read!

Good Morning Folks! I'm glad to announce that we picked up the equivalent of 17 more $20 donations yesterday, thanks to contributions from Lisa, Goran, Susan, Allen, Patsy, Gail, Deborah, Rosalyn, and Elisa. This leaves us with only 86 more $20 donations…Read More

Student Loan Justice!

Good Morning All! We have an interview request: If you feel you would be a good candidate for bankruptcy protections for student loans- particularly if you filed for bankruptcy but still have your student loans hanging over your head- send an email to…Read More

Before you start your weekend...From Alan at StudentLoanJustice.Org

Happy Friday! Please give this interview request some consideration. "I'm working on an article about bankruptcy and student loan debt for Barbara Ehrenreich's Economic Hardship Reporting Project. I'm seeking to speak with people who loan repayments are…Read More

Petition for Student Loan Justice...Please Read!

Good Morning! Hope all is well out there. We are now settled in to our new digs here at the Capitol. Huge thanks go out to Diane Bliss​ in Fort Totten who helped tremendously with various household items (ie kitchen stuff, laundry basket, etc) to help get…Read More
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