It will work for us, folks :-)

Good Evening Folks, Hope all who celebrated today had a great Easter, and I hope that all of you are feeling Spring in the air, and will consider this to be a time to renew, and redouble our efforts to get control of our Congress. We have managed to…Read More

Please donate, folks;

Please donate, folks; Alan Collinge

I need to repost this

I need to repost this press release about the corruption of the Center for "American Progress" (see below). Y'know, folks....the more I think about this, the angrier I get- It is one thing when the bad guys, like the Heritage Foundation, play tricks to hurt…Read More

One Page Synopsis of Problem and Solution

Folks, Alot of people ask me for a concise summary of the problem and the solution...I've done this hundreds of times, but here is the most recent synopsis I've come up with (see below). It is as short as I can make it. Save it somewhere and use it if you…Read More

North Dakota...

Hey Folks, Today, our HR 3892 phone blitz goes to the badlands of North Dakota. This is an EXTREMELY SMALL LIST, so don't think just pick up the phone and get it done!! And please...consider a donation to get us out to DC, folks. April is more than half…Read More

This article is very misleading This article is very misleading in two important ways. 1. The so-called "Fair Value" estimate is grossly inaccurate, even by fair value accounting…Read More

HR 3892

Hi Folks, North Carolina is on the docket today. There seems to be alot of activity in that state lately, so hopefully the staffers will be a bit more tuned into the issue, and will give HR 3892 serious consideration for co-sponsorship or a companion bill…Read More
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