Guys: We really need to raise $300 to picket in front of the Department of Education/CNN. We can't do this without you. Please step up, sooner rather than later! Alan Collinge​


Hey Folks: Well our issue is smoking right now in the wake of Robert Reich's recent comments, and the fact that every presidential candidate is mentioning student loan debt in the first minutes of their stump speeches. This is WAY ahead of where we were…Read More

Ralston, Angela, John, Patricia, Ben, and Deborah

Great Thanks go out to Ralston, Angela, John, Patricia, Ben,and Deborah for their recent donations to keep us here in DC, fighting this fight. We are still a long ways off from our fundraising goals, but these are a significant help. Even small donations…Read More

Our Petition on Hot Wheels!

We have blown past the 5000 mark on this petition since yesterday, folks. That's a great thing, but just think: There are 30 MILLION people in the country who cannot pay their student loans (they are delinquent, defaulted, deferred, or in forbearance). This…Read More

Good News!

Folks: I have some good news: A REPUBLICAN has actually signed onto HR 449: A bill that would return standard bankruptcy protections to ALL STUDENT LOANS!! This is big folks. This is the first time this has happened in the Decade that we have been fighting…Read More

The Bernie Sanders Blitz for Student Loan Justice

Thanks to everyone who participated in the "Bernie Blitz" By my best guess, about 50 or so people called in and emailed. David Cohen certainly noticed, and my guess is that the next time he meets with the Senator, he will mention bankruptcy and student…Read More

Bernie Blitz starting EARLY...

It looks like people are chomping at the bit to get going on this, so I say let's open the flood gates. Contact Mr. David Cohen anytime today or tomorrow. The sooner the better, I'd say....Here is the info: The Education Staffer is David Cohen. His email…Read More
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