Hey Folks, There is something I need to get off my chest: There is a group called "Student Debt Crisis", a group originally started by a guy named Robert Appelbaum. This group stinks to high heaven and is a posterchild for what's called "Astroturf". It is a…Read More

Need your help, folks

Good Morning, Folks: Anthony has issued another $20 fundraising challenge. Please step up to meet or beat this challenge by donating at: We need your help to be able to keep fighting for you here in DC. …Read More

Hey Folks, We're still hostel hopping here in DC. Could really use a donation from you to keep us floating out here. It may be some time before we get permanent housing, so your donations are all the more needed, useful, and appreciated. Please think…Read More Governor O'Malley is parroting the "Good Ole Boys" (former Directors of the lending program for the Department of…Read More

Challenge from Anthony-

Hiya Folks, Before you get your weekend started: Anthony has thrown down a $20 challenge to you all to support our fundraising effort to keep us here in DC, fighting for you. Please step up to meet this challenge folks. And have a good weekend! Alan…Read More


Hi Folks, I need to make a fundraising pitch before you all take off for the weekend. This is it. PLEASE DONATE. Our housing prospect earlier this week fell through and we urgently need your support going forward. …Read More


Good Morning Folks, I'm sorry to report that the apartment deal we had been hoping for fell through at the last minute yesterday. It was, and is frustrating, but when a door closes, a window opens. Definitely a disappointment on this end, but we've faced…Read More
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