Going to DC

Good Morning Folks, We are sticking with yesterday's phone list (the state of New York) because of it's size, and will hit the next state tomorrow. See yesterday's post to get the phone list. Congress is, yet again, "on break" this week. No doubt they…Read More

New York

New York is on the docket today for our HR 3892 call blitz. It is a long list, so I will leave it up for a couple of days to give everyone ample time to get through it. So, without further adieu: New York Sen. Kirsten Gillebrand (202) 224-4451 Sen.…Read More

Fundraising Update

Hey Folks, Fundraising update: We raised $6,076 over the first three months of the year. While this doesn't get us out to DC (and part of it is a speaking fee and birthday present), this is still significantly better than this time last year, and worth…Read More

HR 3892

Good Morning Folks, Today the HR 3892 phone blitz goes to New Mexico. Another short list. Sen. Heinrich is pretty new, just so you know. . Don't be shy about working ahead if you are so compelled... Also, I'm doing an interview today at noon est. with…Read More


New Video

Hi All- Great video from the U. of Illinois just came out...Check it out- and spread it around!! Big ups to Esteban and his crew, who shot and edited the…Read More

Please donate, folks-

Please donate, folks- http://www.studentloanjustice.org/donate.htm We need it. Alan Collinge
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