From Alan at Student Loan Justice

Good Morning All- We are being published, likely today, at the Hill with an article about Virginia Foxx. Also, yesterday, there was a VERY good OPED published at The Blade, an Ohio newspaper, that called for the passage of HR 2366. I do not believe that…Read More

StudentLoanJustice.Org going back to DC

Happy Sunday Everyone! I hope everyone is having a great weekend. We have a donation challenge from Paul. Paul is willing to match donations for $20 up to $100. This would be really helpful for us. …Read More

Getting back to Washington

Getting Back to the Fight... Hi Folks!! We are gearing up to head to Washington DC to get back into the fight on the ground. We need your help. We would not be here in this fight were it not for your past support. I hope that you can see that the…Read More

We're in Alaska!!

HR 2366, One more week in the bush... Hey Everyone- We're up here in Fairbanks for a day, so I have internet, and wanted to make the most of it. Headed back to an abandoned uranium hot springs and gold claim near Circle, AK tomorrow, so will be out of…Read More

Going to Boston Tomorrow

Happy Sunday! We are headed to Boston tomorrow for a week of filming for the Documentary. We'll be interviewing Jill Stein, doing work on SLEXIT at Boston Harbor, hopefully interviewing Ralph Nader, meeting with a crack team of investigative journalists…Read More

Sunday, May 14th, 2017. From Alan at Studentloanjustice.Org

Hey Folks, We have raised $240 of the $450 we need to get the ball rolling on our Super PAC and our 501(c)(3) organizations. We will ultimately have to raise an additional $1,400 or so in total for these, but we are off to a good start, thanks to donations…Read More

From Alan (StudentLoanJustice.Org). Kind of urgent...

Please help us get back to DC folks! We need 30 people to donate $20 to get us there, settled in, and ready to fight! Mike has thrown down this challenge to you all! We have a national television interview scheduled for this week from their DC studio. …Read More
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