Press Release, Ivanka, Student Loan justice

Press Release, Ivanka Trump Hey Folks! We've only put out 5 press releases in the history of this group. This one is the most important. We really need help getting it out there. PLEASE send this to a reporter, TV/Radio Station, Congress member, or…Read More


Important Video Update. Please watch this update. Very Important. Also, please send a tweet to John Grisham. He wrote a book about student loans. He should be on our side. …Read More

Tucker Carlson, Student Loan Justice

Tucker Carlson Today's "Twitter Blast" goes out to Tucker Carlson, evening Fox News host. Here is what I am saying. Say something similar: @TuckerCarlson There is a bipartisan House Bill, HR. 2366, that will return standard bankruptcy protections to…Read More

Good News. Daily Blast. Student Loan Justice

Good News, Daily Blast We just picked up another cosponsor for HR. 2366. This gives us 29 total now. We need to put the pedal to the metal on this. We can pretty easily get more democrats, and should be able to get many republicans, with some effort.…Read More

"Office Hours" today 4pm, Judiciary Committee Tomorrow

Office Hours today, 4pm, Judiciary Committee tomorrow Good Sunday! We are doing a "Facebook Live" presentation today at 4pm eastern time. We'll be talking about the demonstration, the forgiveness programs, and whatever else may be on your mind. If you…Read More

Facebook "LIVE" tomorrow, 4pm, Student Loan Justice!

Facebook Live Folks, First, I have to implore you all to please consider a donation. We are literally down to $14.72 in our operating account right now. The good news is that the rent for our 77 sq. ft studio-office here in DC is paid for the month, but…Read More

Happy New Year!!

Getting the Year Started Right. Happy New Year! If you want Student Loan Justice this year, please say something to President Trump, Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan. They are getting together their agendas for the year. We should be on it. HR. 2366…Read More
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