Flyering effort here in the Capitol

Huge Thanks go out to Angie, Martha, Margaret, Paul, Johanna, Heather, Peter, and Joyce for stepping up to help with our flyering/fundraising effort and general fundraising over the past several days. We raised about $100 towards the flyering effort which…Read More

Making the rounds in Congress.....

Hey Folks, So....I want to do another round of flyering with Congress. I think this makes a pretty big difference, and we currently have alot of street cred due to our OPED's being published at The Hill over the past couple of weeks. I think the time is…Read More

Video Update from DC Hey Folks, This is our second video update....Things are going well on this end but for the fundraising part :-( Please donate to support our work at Thanks, have…Read More

Urgent call for donations from

We have been in DC for almost 4 months now. During that time we've been featured front page in the Chronicle of Higher Education, we've done on live, national television news broadcast, we've published to OPED's in The Hill, done one radio show, and have…Read More


Hey Folks, We are having to shill for donations once Again. Large or small, can I count on you for some support? Please let me know. Regards, ALan

Article being published, radio show....

Hi Folks, We have a piece publishing this afternoon. In the meantime, please consider helping us to meet our housing fundraising goal. We still have about $1400 to go, but we've managed to raised about $700 over the past several days, so we are rolling on…Read More

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Good Morning folks, Please step up to make a donation, large or small, to keep us here in DC. Our operating funds are very critical at this time: Anthony has issued a $10 challenge to you all. Please take…Read More
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