Demonstration, James Sensenbrenner Hey- What are you doing April 16th-17th?  We're going to demonstrate in Manhattan on the 16th, and Washington DC on the 17th.  This will be an historic couple of events, and I hope you will make plans to come and…Read More

Pelosi, Lawsuit, Demonstration, Student Loan Justice

Pelosi, Lawsuit, Demonstration Happy Monday! Glad to report that we have a number of meetings scheduled with lawmakers this week. Also, we are marketing the demonstration starting this week. You can help by sending the graphic above around. There is a…Read More

Press Release. Important. Student Loan Justice

Good Evening- Glad to report that we are being interviewed by a national news network on Tuesday. Should be big. Also, I need to report that that press release software was a complete rip-off. Not only did they NEVER send our release out. I just found…Read More

Sundance Film Festival, Barack Obama, Student Loan Justice

Sundance Film Festival, Barack Obama Good Sunday! We are now here in Utah, at the Sundance Film Festival. I didn't realize how big this thing is. Most ALL of the major news networks are here, as well as every film related company that you can think of. …Read More

Press Release, Ivanka, Student Loan justice

Press Release, Ivanka Trump Hey Folks! We've only put out 5 press releases in the history of this group. This one is the most important. We really need help getting it out there. PLEASE send this to a reporter, TV/Radio Station, Congress member, or…Read More


Important Video Update. Please watch this update. Very Important. Also, please send a tweet to John Grisham. He wrote a book about student loans. He should be on our side. …Read More

Tucker Carlson, Student Loan Justice

Tucker Carlson Today's "Twitter Blast" goes out to Tucker Carlson, evening Fox News host. Here is what I am saying. Say something similar: @TuckerCarlson There is a bipartisan House Bill, HR. 2366, that will return standard bankruptcy protections to…Read More
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