We have a huge week ahead.

We have a huge week ahead. There will be confirmation hearings for Betsy Devos, the nominee for Secretary of Education. The Inauguration is Friday, and there will be what I suspect are going to be large marches over the following weekend. Although we just…Read More


Score one for the Good Guys!! This piece just published at The Hill. It went at a sort-of off time, but I hope we can push it hard all day tomorrow, particularly around New York Media and New York politicians (including state legislators). Please give it…Read More

Can Y'all Help??

Folks: We are struggling pretty mightily to raise the funds necessary to keep us in DC, fighting this fight, through Spring. We have $1,970 still to raise. Can Y'all Help?? http://www.gofundme.com/studentloanjustice Thanks to Pamela, Bobby, Dakota,…Read More

Today is the FIRST DAY of the new Congress. Let's take the bull by the horns!!

Today is the FIRST DAY of the new Congress. Let's take the bull by the horns, and get this year started out right....SIGN THIS!!! It will get messages sent to both of your senators, the president, and your House…Read More

We just started this petition. Please help get it rolling!!!

Good Morning Everyone- Today,and for the next 8 days we are asking everyone to do just one thing: SIGN THIS PETITION!! https://www.petition2congress.com/22749/to-president-trump-congress-return-standard-consumer-protection it will help. Happy New…Read More

Just one thing for student loan justice...

Good Morning Everyone- Today, we focus on only one thing: Getting everyone to sign this petition! We just started it a week or so ago. PLEASE Leave your comment on it, and use it to get letters sent to you…Read More

From Alan at StudentLoanJustice.Org.

Hello All, Hope everyone is having great holidays! There are now a little less than 5 weeks before the presidential inauguration. Since the election, we have published four articles at The hill, done a couple of radio shows, been featured, top story on…Read More
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