From Alan at Student Loan Justice Sunday, Feb 19th, 2017

Hey Folks, Happy Sunday! We have a pretty strong week planned. We'll be publishing another article around mid-week, have various meetings planned on and around the Hill, and also are working on a couple of different media projects. I hope to have more on…Read More

Student Loan Justice

Good Morning ALL, This week, we are focusing on 3 things: 1. Getting this petition going! Because the White House petition site is not working, we've put our petition on the Move On platform. Please help to get it rolling. I hope you will sign it,…Read More

Please do whatever you can to get this petition kicking!!!

Please do whatever you can to get this petition kicking!!!


Good Morning Folks! Because the White House Petition site has not worked for the past two weeks, we are moving our petition to MoveOn.Org. Please help us get this rolling…Read More


Good Morning Folks- We published a great article at the Hill yesterday, just before the close of business. So TODAY is really when the piece will be read broadly. You can REALLY HELP right now by giving this piece a share, and a comment to shut up, and shut…Read More


SCORE ONE FOR THE GOOD GUYS!!!!! This article JUST went live 10 minutes ago. PLEASE read it, leave a comment, and SHARE IT!! Also, please send…Read More

Tuesday. Trump.

Hey Everyone- We are awaiting publication of our latest article- This is a big one meant for Trump and the republicans. I hope you all will help us push it around, and get it in front of who it needs to!! Also, we are now only $750 off from knocking out…Read More
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