Thanks to all of you for all the Happy Birthday Wishes! I quite literally didn't realize that it had come again so soon, so thanks for the head's up! Alan Collinge​


Hello Folks, Welcome to all the new members! Relatively warm today in DC. I am on my way out the door, but there are two critical items I need to put before you all. 1. Funding. We've barely scratched the surface on our $4000 goal (this is about what…Read More


Hi Folks, We have extended our lodging here in DC for another day. Thanks HUGELY to Gladys, Michael, Anthony, Peter, Gail, and Martha for stepping up to help on this, They really helped alot. As far as longer term housing goes, your support is of…Read More


Your donations are critically needed at this time to keep us in DC. Urgently, Alan Collinge​

Thanks Matt

Hey Folks, Happy Friday. We changed it up a bit yesterday, and dropped by the Center for American Progress to deliver our flier. David Bergeron, a guy we have spoken very ill of in the past (and for good reason) is the key guy there. I highly recommend…Read More

Washington DC.

Good Morning Folks, IT's snowing again in DC today. Not sure about the forecast, but we got an inch or so last night. Anyhow, I am again off to the Capitol. I want to keep the pressure today on Massachusetts today, so please use the list below. MOST…Read More

Washington DC. February 25, 2015

PLEASE DONATE FOLKS. Our housing situation gets super critical in three days, and we still need well over $500 in donations from the members to be able to get into a permanent place. There are several places we have found worth trying for, but we can't make a…Read More
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