Make the Sausage, don't be the Sausage!

Good Morning Folks, We have about a million things on our plate right now, but I will try to boil it down to the most important items, a couple of which you can really help out with: 1. The Entire Congress, and every congressional committee should…Read More

Socialist Website Article

Any Socialists out there? This is a pretty good article at the World Socialist Web Site. They have done some surprisingly good reporting on this problem in the past. Please jump in to comment on…Read More

Thanks go out to Robin, Ounce, Gregory, Ben, and Sophia

Thanks go out to Robin, Ounce, Gregory, Ben, and Sophia for their recent donations to keep us here in D.C. We still have a ways to go but without support from them, and from hundreds of other members, we would never have made it this far. Please step up to…Read More

Donations critically needed at this time.

People: Please donate. Your support is critically needed at this time: There are two ways to donate: Please step up people. It is critical. Alan Collinge​

Late Night Call for Donations

This is a late night call for donations, folks. We are down to almost nothing on funding at this point, and can really use your support at this time. Regards, Alan

Our Flyers. Check These PLEASE!!

Happy Monday People: Today, every senator and every house representative should be getting our flyer. The flyer urges them to cosponsor HR 449 or create a companion bill for it in the Senate. Can you all please call the Washington DC office of your…Read More

Media Request

Good Evening Folks: We have a media request from a major news network. They are looking for people who have been kicked out of either the IBR program or the PSLF forgiveness program on account of not properly verifying income. If this is you, please…Read More
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