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We are in urgent need of donations.

I have been focusing on our mission for the past few weeks instead of fundraising, and this has put us in a critical bind. We have $540 in obligations that are due at the end of the day, and another $1000 needed by the end of the month. For obvious reasons, I am currently focused on the immediate goal of $540

I hope that you all are aware of the accomplishments we have been achieving. In the past three years, we have broken 4 of the most significant media headlines on student loans, including student debt exceeding credit card debt, the government profiting on defaults, the government vastly undercounting defaults, and others. Most recently, we single-handedly exposed a fraudulent accounting scheme being employed by beltway think-tanks like the Heritage Foundation and the New America Foundation (see the items in red on the main page of our website).

We have also traveled across the country multiple times during this period, speaking at colleges, visiting legislators both in DC and in their home districts, and most notably, we were the only "permanent" presence at Occupy Wall St. dedicated to solving the student loan problem.

We also have, and are working closely with key elected officials to get meaningful legislation pushed through Congress, and I will have more to say about that in the very near future.

Notably, we've been featured in news pieces including a 1 hour special on CNBC, a long investigative piece by Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone magazine, numerous local television pieces, OPEDs in the New York Times, and others (going back beyond three years, I could say much, much more here, but you get the point).

So thinks are hopping, folks, but at the same time we are bumping along the bottom in terms of funding, and because we refuse to do deals with the other side, sell out our members, or do anything else that would compromise the integrity of this group or its mission, ONLY YOU CAN HELP!!!

I hope this is getting through to you all, and that you can help.

Please make it happen, folks. I don't know what more I can say-




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