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We must fight, folks.


We are leaving for our speaking "Tour" next week. I'll be in New York and Illinois. If you are in or near Manhattan/Long Island, or Champaign, IL, then I hope very much to see you at the events, for which I will be posting the schedules shortly.

In the meantime, we are doing a FOX interview, and are working with reporters for 4-5 stories currently. We have a lot of battles going on currently. Most notably, the false accounting that we are calling attention to in Forbes, and also the Angry Bear Blog is ongoing.

Importantly: I still am awaiting a certain bill to be introduced by Congress. It is way late at this point, but I am very hopeful that when it does come out, it will be worth getting behind...big time. Time will tell.

What is MOST important at this time, however, is our funding. We have nearly two thousand dollars in overdue obligations, and also need a few hundred to provide for our upcoming trip.

I could go on at length about the sacrifices we have made on this end to do this work, in money, in effort, in time, in opportunity. I could brag about the accomplishments we have made under the worst of circumstances, and the impact we have had and are having on the public discourse surrounding this issue. On, and on, and on...

But, how about you all spare us all from the drama, step up, and do your minimal part to at least help us keep the lights on?

We must fight, folks.

Alan Collinge

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