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Very Important news.


Some important news: I have to be purposely vague, here, but an important person inside the beltway called yesterday, and informed me that the Student Borrower Bill of Rights Act is being considered currently for re-introduction. This was legislation for which we are credited as being the genesis for way back in 2006, and again in 2008.

They asked me to give them my comments about a new Bill of Rights, and I did that.

I cannot say anything more, here, on this, but suffice it to know that this is the most positive news I have received in years.

So, there is alot of work to do, folks. Currently, however, our most immediate and critical concern is funding. It is extremely difficult to do the work that we need to do when we cannot even afford to cover the expense of our bare essential functions (such as internet and phone, from which we are currently cut-off, and this message is coming from a friend's machine).

We stand on the verge of legislative success, here, folks, and so it would behoove us to have, at a minimum, a working phone and computer connection. I hope you will agree. Our needs are minimal, but not zero. Currently we are in arrears on items totalling $686. Step up people. Show me that you actually care:

I hope to have new things to say about the Student Borrower Bill of Rights re-introduction in the next couple of weeks as I continue to work this. For now, I will leave it at that. Please consider what you can to do help.


Alan Collinge


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