10,000 in '10

Let's start recruiting again...especially politicians!! Our new goal is to reach at least 10,000 members by 10 (Oct) of '10. You can do it and we can do it!!


I am amazed that our little cause has grown to 6000 members in such a short period of time!! Thank you ALL for joining. Our voices are now the voices of the unborn; DEMANDING our right to be recognized as human beings and as such, our inalienable right to…Read More

Please help recruit!

We can double our numbers quickly! Just copy and paste the following link to your facebook page to have your friends check out this wonderful cause!…Read More


This short email is to remind all supporters of our DOUBLE push. Please invite just 10 of your fb friends list today so we can double in size to 10,000. Together we ARE saving lives!! Thanks ALL!!


August 13, 2009: 4500 supporters

Please Post

We've finally got some politicians interested in and supporting this cause! We are making an impact. Please post this cause to your profile and invite just 10 of your friends today so we can grow and SAVE LIVES!! Thank you!!

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Appreciate life through laughter by checking out a conservative comedian! Check the post on the cause page.
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