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The frontline of a movement... to save 2,000 children per day: the Action Summit in Washington, DC - April 21-22

Early registration ends March 20! Learn more and register at (

On April 21-22, around fifty of us will be mobilizing in Washington, DC. ( Most of us have never done advocacy before. We aren’t experts in diseases or international development. We are simply citizens who will not tolerate the senseless death toll malaria continues to wreak upon the world. We eradicated it more than sixty years ago in the United States, and it’s time to step up and demand the same for our global neighbors.  

Please join us. You may not feel qualified, but I guarantee that you are ready and this experience will change your life. You will learn from the U.S. Global Malaria Coordinator - Admiral Ziemer, World Vision’s RAPIDS Chief in Zambia - Batuke Walusiku, and our Vice President of Advocacy - Joe Mettimano. You’ll also get to meet with each of us on the ACT:S team and our Advocacy and Policy Advisors, as we prepare you for an exciting life-changing Lobby Day on Capitol Hill.   You will join us on the frontline of what must become a life-saving movement to finally stop this child-killer.  

Early Registration ends on March 20 so register today! Learn more and register today at (

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