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Devastating quake and tsunami hit Japan - please help now

Dear Friend,

World Vision is on high alert after the largest earthquake in Japan's history struck the country Friday and triggered a devastating tsunami along the eastern coast. Hundreds were killed, hundreds more are missing, and tens of thousands are displaced after their homes crumbled or were washed out to sea by the 30-foot waves.

World Vision relief staff is on stand-by to help meet the most urgent needs of children and families in the impacted areas.

World Vision is often one of the first organizations to begin relief work when disaster strikes, including the deadly 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, as well as earthquakes last year in Haiti and Chile. And we remain on the ground for the long haul, rebuilding communities and restoring hope.

If you can, please donate now to help us meet the urgent needs of disaster survivors in Japan and other areas devastated by the massive tsunami.

To donate, please visit

Thank you for your support, and please forward to your friends.

- World Vision Staff

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