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World Vision Update: Funds to fight AIDS and malaria in jeopardy… take action now!

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July Update: Funds to fight AIDS and malaria in jeopardy… take action now!

In this issue…

VIDEO: Funds to fight AIDS and malaria in jeopardy @ (
Robert Zachritz, World Vision's advocacy and government relations director, explains what is at risk and how you can make a difference. Watch @ (

TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress not to cut life-saving budget measure @ (
The International Affairs Budget provides life-saving assistance to combat extreme poverty, hunger, child mortality, and diseases like AIDS and malaria. Tell your members of Congress that you value the critical programs funded by this budget. Take action @ (

Five ways you can help change the world @ (
Summer is a great time to engage members of your community in activities that will ignite their passion to fight poverty and injustice. Here are five activities that you can host for your friends, small group, or congregation. Read more @ (

Issue update: Why is the U.S. International Affairs Budget so important? @ (
From global AIDS to malaria and hunger, here are a few reasons why this small but very significant part of the federal budget is absolutely vital to the well-being of millions of children and families. Learn more @ (

Issue update: Child sex trafficking continues in Cambodia and globally @ (
Cambodia is one of several countries known to be a destination for sex trafficking and other forms of child exploitation. But a bill before Congress, the Child Protection Compact Act (HR 2737 and S 3184), is one way for the United States to contribute to the fight against this horrific practice. Read more @ (

End Malaria: Congress takes a bite out of malaria funding @ (
For most children in Africa, mosquito bites carrying malaria are a lethal threat. Now programs to combat this killer disease are at risk as the House Appropriations Committee just bit off 70 percent of the president's request for malaria programs — an amount already short of our $1 billion a year commitment. Citizen action is needed to save this funding! Learn more at (


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