Justice for the 96

Please keep on recruiting folks, great effort so far! Thanks kindly :o)


Thanks to everyone who has joined this cause recently. I have been busy working for the summer and enjoying the festivals. Keep on recruiting as many people as possible. Justice for the 96 will become a reality one day and it'll be thanks to people like us…Read More

2000 plus...

Delighted! Let's keep it going everyone. Keep recruiting and keep getting your friends to recruit even more people. The 96 will never walk alone. Thanks again, Dan x


thank-you to everyone for your efforts in recruiting as many people as possible, please, please, please keep it going and pass on the message to everyone you recruit. 1711 members and counting. the justice WILL come for the 96 and for the families left…Read More


Keep recruiting your friends and you friends' friends, and their friends' friends. Cheers!


1000 members and still going strong! Brilliant. Keep it up folks. 96 lost souls will be proud of you all. Thanks again, Dan


506 members and counting! Keep it going!
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