100s of Australians are organising to take action against live export - you can join them!

We're very excited to launch our new "Move Forward" campaign, bringing together WSPA supporters, volunteers and staff from all over Australia to help change Labor’s position on live animal export, in the run up to their National Conference this December. By…Read More

Help us MOVE FORWARD to end cruel live export!

We have a huge opportunity for supporters to get even more involved in our Humane Chain campaign aimed at ending live animal exports. We’re looking for 100 Captains around Australia to lead their electorate in lobbying and public engagement activities. Read…Read More

Smile and join WSPA’s Global Humane Chain

WSPA has launched a worldwide campaign, calling on supporters to tell the Australian Government to end live animal exports for good. By adding your photo to our Global Humane Chain, you can show them that the world is watching and urging them to do the right…Read More

Don't Miss Live Cattle Export Investigation on Four Corners tonight!

Tonight at 8:30pm on ABC1, Four Corners will air a report on the live cattle export trade from Australia to Indonesia. The program will air never before seen footage obtained by Animals Australia revealing the fate Australian cattle face when they reach their…Read More

Taking the Humane Campus Challenge to the streets

Check out some great photos of our students campaigning to end live export! http://blog.humanechain.org/2011/05/taking-humane-campus-challenge-to.html

Humane Campus Challege Activities Update

The Humane Campus Challenge is shaping up to be a tight race with two school TIED for first place so far. Who's winning? Check the leader board and find out about upcoming activities you can attend here:…Read More

SCU students fight against live animal export

Animal Law students at Southern Cross University in Lismore have joined the Humance Campus Challenge and are doing great work to raise awareness of the cruel live animal export industry. Read more about their efforts here:…Read More
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