Rotary Global Run/Walk for Water

We are in the process of organizing a fundraiser for Rotary Water Grants. You can organize a run/walk or you can simple run/walk in a local event and ask friends for financial support. First, let us know if you want to participate and second, please tell us…Read More

Tell me about your Water successes.

We have to spread the word about the need for clean drinking water. Tell me about what you are doing. Send photo's and videos that I can share. Ask your friends to join our Cause. Invite me to talk at your District Conference or PETS. We are now a team. The…Read More

Chase Challenge/Water Team International

Water Team International has a chance to win $250,000 which will all go into Rotary Water Grants. This will help over 200,000 less fortunate people to have clean drinking water. We need your vote. It is easy. 1-On Facebook search on the top of your profile…Read More

Chase Challenge/Water Team International

Here's some VERY Exciting news - in just 18 days time, on September 6th, voting opens on Chase Community Giving. Water Team International the Rotary Water Grants charity run by our event founder George Lewis has been nominated for a share of a $5 million…Read More

Water Filters for Children

This is what we do. Clean drinking water for children. This filter was supplied by a Rotary Matching Grant and the partners were the E-Club D-3170-India and the RC of Whitefish, Montana D-5390. Please let me know if your club would like to join us. The Water…Read More

Join Rotary Global Run

Please join us on Rotary Global Run 4 Water. We are a team and we will help the less fortunate to have clean drinking water. Look at our plan below. The Water Man Presentation | Rotary Global Run 4 Water Run4Water presentation

Global Run 4 Water

We are getting organized and we hope to raise $1,000,000 this coming Rotary year. Please register your club for the event. You can choose the event and day. All proceeds stay with your club so you can support a Water…Read More
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