To Keep The Beaches Of Hatteras Island Have Open Access For Everyone!!

The good people of the Outer Banks need our help!! The enviromental wackos have gained control of the beaches through the federal court system and shut down major areas of beach to the public. You cannot even walk on the beach due to a "consent decree." The pro-access groups had no choice to go along with the settlement determined between the National Park Service and the enviromental groups. The Federal judge was ready to close the entire outer banks to anybody who wanted to visit the beach walking or driving there. The piping plover, a non-threatened bird, non-native to North Carolina has shut down the beaches. Contact your Congressman and Senator to fight this injustice!!! Support House Bill 718 to reinstate the Interim plan that was in place before this lawsuit happened.

1. islandfreepress.com

2. obpa.com

3. hatteras-island.com