To take to Congress support for a bill that would require companies using genetically-altering chemicals in their products to include notice of such use on packaging.

The CDs we buy have Parental Advisory stickers for explicit language. The movies that we view are rated so that a certain level of discretion can be exercised by parents and guardians.

We are told the fat content, the number of carbs and calories, and the recommended daily value of vitamins and minerals.

Yet, the government doesn't require a company like Monsanto (the makers of Agent Orange) to place notice on their dairy packaging that bovine growth hormone has been used in their production, a chemical that is banned in most industrialized countries.

Yes, genetically-modified foods can help increase production which could assist in battling poverty and world hunger. But let's get real. With things like the WTO, government subsidies, and (especially) greedy people, this will never be used for a genuine purpose, at least not at the present time.

We are demanding that the U.S. Congress immediately require all products which contain genetically-modified/-enhanced ingredients to include reasonable and EASILY OBSERVABLE notices on the packaging of said products. (These concerns must be taken to the national level because individual state's who have tried to pass similar legislation already have been sued by companies like Monsanto for violating interstate commerce laws).

In the meantime, educate yourself. Find out what you are putting in your body. For all you PA college students on food stamps try buying organic products (don't worry organic in this case just means normal/natural), especially dairy and produce products. And keep inviting everyone you know to join. Power in numbers is all we have, but it is all we need.

1. Citizens have a right to be protected from harmful chemicals.

2. Consumers have a right to know what they are buying.

3. We are for free-market and choice, however producers have an obligation to human health, not profits.