Chinese New Year 2011 (yay)

OH YES it's CNY again! Time for exciting stuff like visiting and sweets and oh yes sweeeets :D Well, during this time, people also get together for reunion dinners, held more often than not at some high-class fancy restaurant which not only burns a hole in…Read More

Shark Week at CCHMS

Hey people, for those of you who study in CCHMS, I have spoken to Mrs Tan and she agreed to get the Interactors to help me to try and plan SHARK WEEK. However, I need to finalize the petty details like when and how. So if you have any suggestions for shark…Read More

Support sharks by refusing shark's fin this CNY

It is the CNY period and I know many people will be enjoying their reunion dinners, me included. However, let us do this dinner with a heart, and boycott shark's fin soup during your reunion dinners. It is possible to recreate the soup without having the…Read More

Something to think about

Thank you all so much for your support. During this time, I'd like to leave you with this thought, I know of you and I think most of you don't specially order shark's fin when you go to a restaurant. Hope so anyway. But my point is, please try to abstain.…Read More


This really means a lot to me. I've been campaigning (or trying to) for shraks for a long time, and I stopped consuming shark's fin some seven years ago. Never looked back. What this cause tries to target is simple. Spread message of cruelty done to sharks,…Read More
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