To preach Christ throughout Mexico

While the USA has tons of street preachers and evangelists who are faithfully preaching the Gospel to the already-evangelized masses, it is sad to say that their neighbor, Mexico, is at large severely lacking in widespread and faithful Gospel witness.

During my short year and a half of living and preaching in Mexico, my heart has been broken and my eyes awakened to see the tremendous ignorance of the most basic Gospel truths among the general people. While almost every Mexican has heard of Jesus Christ, and most say they believe in Him, the reality is that they have never truly heard what He did to save them and how it is the best news of all time. Most are in bondage to false religion and traditions and don't know the power of God in salvation. I don't know how many times we have witnessed reactions in people while sharing the Gospel that clearly communicate that this was the first time they've ever heard these things. Why the great neglect of God's people in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with the people of Mexico?

A little while ago, a dear brother was visiting us from California. He actually grew up in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico, where we are. As he was telling me about his testimony, his eyes welled up with tears. He said that the whole time he lived in Mexico, which was until he was 18, he never heard the Gospel! He never heard until a Christian brother later shared it with him. It ultimately led to his conversion. But his heart broke over the thought that the multitudes around us in this city are in the same place he was -in blatant Gospel ignorance and in bondage to a false religious system of Sacraments and Masses. And not only so, but with so few preachers to tell them about the One who bled for sinners.

We want to raise awareness for the NEED OF THE GOSPEL amongst so much of Mexico. So many have never heard. So many don't even own a Bible. So many are LOST and DYING and without hope in the world.

Where are the preachers of truth?

My wife and I live in Mexico and labor to preach Christ and Him crucified in this nation. This cause is not about us, it's about Him, and about His elect who haven't heard yet.

We're asking for PRAYER SUPPORT for Mexico, and for our friends to help spread the cause in their home fellowships. Some places here are ripe for an awakening. If you would like to see what we're doing, visit www.puregospeltruth.com.

The harvest is great, but the laborers few. So, so, few...

1. Over 80% of Mexico is professing Roman Catholic.

2. Less than 5% are Evangelical Christian.

3. Many Mexicans have never clearly heard the Gospel.

4. Many don't own Bibles either.

5. For more info go to www.puregospeltruth.com