Tonight: Grandfathering and school choice

Last minute notice to all. Tonight at 6:30PM Burroughs Auditorium Jackie from the School District will be discussing the no-grandfathering grandfathering. A notice arrived in the mail today, though word-of-mouth seems to have alerted most. Please make it…Read More

Here we keep on going

Please keep up with this, even though it is exhausting. There is something afoot: Cadotte has been suspended again. Also, Stewart weighs in with his twisted…Read More

Please invite your friends to join this cause

We have 39 members as of this email. It is possible we can start increasing numbers exponentially if all new members begin inviting, most importantly, their Minneapolis friends past and present. At a certain critical mass, we can decide on how to present very…Read More

For those of you at Burroughs and anyone else interested

This message was forwarded to me: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rally for Burroughs Principal Tim Cadotte Monday, April 27, 2009 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. Lynnhurst Park A concerned group of Burroughs parents invite you to a public rally in support of Tim…Read More

Grandfathering in Children will be recommended to the MPS Board

We need to keep pressure on all officials involved to demand that grandfathering in children and siblings is the cornerstone for parents to consider any support of School Board decisions. At an issues forum Thursday night at Washburn High School, Deputy…Read More

Please review this letter

This snippet of a letter reveals how important it is to stand firm in demanding the grandfathering in of families. Charges of racism show a bully's desperation. Current knowledge of this event is limited to the text below] Please spread the word to…Read More
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