Baby Bryce

Bryce is going into open heart surgery Monday at 730 am. What we thought would be a short trip has turned into a hard trip fr our little Bryce. Please pray for Bryce tomorrow and if you have a team Bryce shirt please wear it in honor of Bryce.

Bryce is One

Bryce is ONE !!! Brycde turned July 6st. He is doing so good right now. Our great God is good...

Bryce Update

We will be taking Bryce back to Boston Aug 5th for two more surgeries one on the 7th ( heart cath) and Aug 10th they will go in through his side to do work on the back side of his heart and lungs. We will be there 2 to 4 weeks again. We are selling Team Bryce…Read More

Bryce is back home

Bryce did great with the first open heart surgery on May 13th. We will be going back to Boston in July for his 2nd surgery. It will take 3 or 4 surgeries within the next 6 months to get his heart and lungs working the way they should.

Bryce did great and is resting well

Thank you for the prayers...... update at password brycebarbee


Surgery started at 2:50PM TODAY Pray for Bryce.

Day 2 with Bryce

Today has been long and a hard one too. Bryce did great with the MIR and echo. The news was not so great. Bryce has more problems that the Dr. thought and he will need more that one surgery to fix everything. We are taking it one day at a time until after the…Read More
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