Rehabilitative programs that utilize Molly and the other rescued/retired ponies for improved social, ethical, mental and emotional health.

Molly was a pony rescued after Hurricane Katrina. She was attacked by a dog, (another rescue) and her wounds were severe. Her front limb would not heal and was eventually amputated. She now has a prosthetic front leg. Molly is an inspiration to everyone and visits nursing homes, schools, children's hospitals and anywhere else her strength and quiet wisdom is needed. Please support her mission by donating to her cause and to support other retired ponies who have earned their rest.

1. www.mollythepony.com

2. To care for Molly and other retirees or rescued ponies for the rest of their lives.

3. To provide a lifetime home for ponies and horses that have earned their rest.

4. To increase awareness, appreciation, and responsibility for horses and ponies and their partnership with humans.

5. Administer educational programs for children using ponies to support what they are learning in school.