to provide free, quality education to the children of Mongolia

Mongolia is a rugged nation that struggles to keep up
with the world. It is a country plagued by poor economic growth, corruption, and inflation. In 2005, economic difficulties forced the Mongolian government to reduce the number of students that would be supplied with textbooks. With the price of textbooks equal to a month’s wages, most rural families cannot bear this burden and their children no longer attend school.

edurelief was founded to reach out to these children in need. It is a small, grass roots effort that depends on individuals like you to make a difference. With $20, we can supply a child with books for a full year's education. Keeping these children in school gives them a chance to change the future of Mongolia, and keep their hope alive. You can make a difference.

edurelief sponsored the education of over 525 children in rural Mongolia in 2006.

edurelief is a development organization focused on breaking the cycle of poverty, improving quality of life and encouraging hope in the future of people's lives around the world through sustainable education, training, and advocacy on their behalf.

learn more at http://www.edurelief.org

1. Every child has the right to education.

2. Education reduces poverty and gives dignity.

3. Education promotes healthier communities.