To empower disenfranchised youth and their families to take responsibility for themselves and their community through programs and services that promote positive social and civic values.

IYO was founded in 1970 as the Brick Towers Youth Association by Mr. James Wallace, a community relations specialist with the Newark Fire Department and a member of the Newark Special Police. Beginning with 13 adolescents and parents, plus a dream of what could be (but not a dime to fund it), James and Carolyn Wallace started a Movement. They had faith then that the community would support a true grassroots effort to provide a spiritual foundation for motivating youth to seek a better future. "The Community-in-Action" is how one foundation executive has described the IYO phenomenon. IYO is now seeking YOUR support to help continue doing the work it has been doing for nearly the last forty years.
Please join us as we proceed through the "Obama Era" with hopes to empower the lives of young people and their families throughout the world.

1. Youth Leadership Development

2. NJ Youth Corps

3. Community Organizing & Development