Fall is just around the Corner.

Dear Friends and Family, You have made my first year of Seminary possible. THANK YOU. You have prayed for us. What a great first year it has been. I have one more year of classes to go. This first year I was able to experience many aspects of pastoral…Read More


Christmas Break will be full of VISITING. Visiting Schawn's brother's in WI, visiting friends and the church I served in Minnesota, visiting my parents in Appletonwith my brothers and their famililies, going sledding, Family Reunion with my mom's side of the…Read More

Second Quarter Done

Last Friday was the last day of my second quarter at Concordia Seminary. I sucessful completed: Pastorial Ministry, Greek Readings, Lutheran Mind, Into To Historial Theology and Art of Interpretation (Interpreting Scripture). It was a great quarter. This…Read More

False gods

This morning I was reading in Jeremiah. The prophet was speaking against the many false gods that God's people were worshiping at that time. He was serious about Israels sin. Jeremiah 7:8-15 "Will you steal, murder, commit adultery, swear falsely, make…Read More

See God Work

Do you want to see God work? Take a leap of faith that is according to God's will and watch Him carry you. This guy who was in learning disability reading classes in junior high is able to read some Greek. I am reading two books a week and writting papers and…Read More

Update from the Starfeldt's

I passed my GREEK final test on Thursday, August 20th. YAH! It is so amazing to be reading the original language of the New Testament. To be reading the actual words Paul, John, Matthew, Luke and others wrote is truly a blessing. Everyone in the class who…Read More

First Impressions

It is so wonderful being at the seminary with so many people who love the Lord, seek to honor the Lord with their life and have such a deep faith. I was so encouraged today by my professor (Professor David Lewis) who preached in chapel...he spoke on the…Read More
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