You can still give to help by calling cards for the troops

We raised enough money to buy 3600 calling cards for the troops, if you would like to help double that, then we could use your help. With 11, 077 members, donating $1 then we can make this happen. If you have already given then thanks in advance.     Scott…Read More

OK LAST DAY donate $1 please we are well short of the $30,000, so any help you can give would be great, and is very much needed.

We NEED YOUR HELP PLease Please Just Donate $1

go to, I am on the Tower and things are going slow. I NEED YOUR HELP.

Only 6 Days until I Climb the Tower

It would be great to be at 8,0000 people and $8,000 at 9 am on June 27th When I climb the tower, So will you help get the word Out. Lets Take a Stand and Say We SUPPORT THE TROOPS.

Let me Clarify-I Give Up on Face Book.

I am not giving up on the event, I am giving up on raising funds on face book, I only have 9 days left till I climb on top of the Tower, I have out of 7,000 people only 10 have made a donation, I have to start focusing on Something that will work. To me it…Read More



Only 14 Days Left

In 14 Days I will Climb on top of the tower, I and Now is the time to make your Donation, When I go on the tower There will be TV Radio and News Paper Reporters at the Kick off Rally but more important there will be family members of Troops that Have just…Read More
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