We're growing!

Hi all - Happy news -- We're already up to 10 new RAP members! Exciting b/c membership is really the base of our power to change the lives of low-income children. We plan to start expanding our preventive advocacy model to other states soon, and our members…Read More

Become a RAP Member!!

RAP is launching our 2009 Membership Drive -- Our goal is to recruit 50 new organizational members! As a supporter of our Youth Justice Cause, YOU ALL WOULD MAKE THE PERFECT MEMBERS! As a member of RAP, you will join a dedicated, diverse, and socially…Read More

Resilience building at its best! RAP's New Blog!

Hi everyone - Ever wonder what it means in practice to break intergenerational poverty? One thing if definitely means is ensuring low-income children's access to quality preventive health care. Over the course of the last five months, states across the…Read More

This Summer is Going to Be Hot!

Hi Members :) First, I want to thank those of you who've been so generous in your donations and kind words to RAP to help make our ride through these tough financial times a little easier :) I believe that Causes is the best reason to be on Facebook and I…Read More

We passed $4500!!

Just a quick update that donations are still rolling in today and we've passed the $4000 mark!!

Tremendous Strides!! Close to $4500!!

Hi everyone - I just wanted to give everyone the final tally on our Summer Youth Justice Challenge: Almost $4500!! Thank you to all of you for joining the Cause and for your donations! We will continue to use this Cause space to keep you up-to-date on all of…Read More

Only 3 Days Left To Donate!

Hi everyone - Thank you all so much for joining RAP's Summer Youth Justice Challenge! And for those of you who have donated so far - THANK YOU!! May 1st is only 3 days away! Each donation from each of our Cause members (even as small as $20!) helps us…Read More
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