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Let's get to 1000 members by the end of the weekend to celebrate our Nation's birthday!

Hey friends!

Be safe this weekend! We've made it to our 233rd year as an incredible Nation, under G*d, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all!

It's important for us to stick together as we have for two centuries and-- forgive the cliche-- we now carry the torch that has been held high by millions who defend the rights which we enjoy on this very day. At this very moment.

Let's reflect on our life, in an alternative sense, and picture briefly today is just another saturday. Not a day of pride or unity or even another excuse to party. What if we didn't have veterans to remind us of the wars they've fought to uphold our standard of living? We can't possibly take part in celebrating this beautiful miracle without stopping to listen, and appreciate veteran's needs. When members of our armed forces become veterans, it falls upon society to preserve their honor.

Invite your friends to share this privilege. Anyone and everyone who recognizes there is a problem. We have been lucky to learn about the veteran crisis and even luckier to be able to take action and help turn this ship toward sustainable solutions.

Best, and Happy 4th of July,

Feisal, Ryan and John

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